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Travel in North America - Hints, Tips and Routes

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to a website that provides ideas for travellers interested in touring North America - the USA (including Alaska) and Canada. It contains a number of suggested itineraries (most of which are based on cities with relatively easy access by air), plus a range of practical hints and tips based on over 25 years of visiting North America.

Kodachrome Basin & Car

Kodachrome Basin UT

athabasca glacier from road, alberta

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

Simple crop (small B)
Simple crop (small B)

Carmel CA

Yellowstone WY

Increasing use of 'cashless toll roads

If you are travelling by road on your trip to the United States, please be aware that a number of states are gradually introducing 'cashless tolls' on certain roads, where you need a transponder in your car that will allow you to pay the toll charges. If you are not suitably equipped, you will have to pay an excess charge retrospectively. Please visit Toll Roads.

Last updated: Friday October 14th 2011
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